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    Homework tasks are set on a weekly basis by the class teacher, and are designed to match your child’s ability. Most homework tasks focus on practising basic skills, or extending learning completed in class. Each piece of homework should be signed by a parent/carer once it has been completed.

    If a child is having any problems with their homework, they should speak to the class teacher for some help.

    In addition to homework tasks, all children are expected to read their school reading book five times per week. We have provided a set of strategies and example activities in the front of each child’s reading record, which you can use to support you with reading with your child at home. Their reading record should be signed by a parent/carer every time reading is completed.

    If you would like your child to access more activities to support them with their learning, please take a look at some of our online resources below, which provide a range of games and tasks that children can use independently.




    MyMaths is an interactive online teaching and homework website, which Oxford Grove has subscribed to in order to build pupil engagement and consolidate maths knowledge. By using both school and individual logins, children are able to access the MyMaths website and their Maths homework tasks online.

    The tasks contain questions based on specific learning objectives. When the children log on to the website using the school login, they will be able to access a library of learning games. When the children then continue to log on using their individual login, they will see homework tasks set by their teachers. They are also able to repeat any tasks which have already been completed, for further practise or to improve their score.

    Before children begin the homework activity, they are given the option to work through a practise session. This is useful to allow you, as the adult, to see how you can support your child with their homework. Once the task has been completed, clicking on the Mark It button will give immediate feedback to the children on how they have done. Children can correct any errors and re-mark their work. They can self-assess their understanding by clicking on the smiley face icons to rate how they understood the work. Class teachers will receive a report on how the children performed in the tasks set.



    Our school blog provides additional opportunities for writing at home. Children are provided with a real purpose and audience for their writing, which should encourage them to complete writing to a good standard. Parents and carers are also free to comment and give feedback on any of our posts. All comments and posts will be monitored by staff before being shared online.

    Click here to find out how access and use our school blog.



    Purple Mash is an excellent resource used in school, mainly for Computing lessons but also in other areas of the curriculum. This can also be accessed at home by using individual log ins. It includes games, activities and tools to support and extend children’s learning.

    You can also access a wide range of exciting chapter books for your child to read on Serial Mash, when you log into Purple Mash like normal.

    Click here to find out how to access and use Purple Mash.


    oxfordOxford Owl Reading has 250 free ebooks for you to share with your child as well as simple ideas, top tips, activities and games to help your child with their reading at home. You’ll also find advice from educational experts on many areas including phonics, motivating reluctant readers and how to help a child who is struggling with their reading.



     Spellodrome allows children to practise their spelling knowledge. A range of key spelling words have been chosen for the children, and they can play a range of fun games and activities to practise these spellings. Spellodrome can be accessed at home by using individual log ins, found in the children’s homework books.



    IXL Grammar allows children to practise their grammar knowledge based on objectives. They choose a learning objective and play games based on this area of learning. It includes quizzes and activities to support and extend children’s understanding of grammar. IXL Grammar can be accessed at home by using individual log ins, found in the children’s homework books.