Staff Questionnaire – Oxford Grove Primary School

Staff Questionnaire

  • These are the results of our recent Staff Questionnaire:

        % Strongly Agree  %
    1 I am proud to be a member of staff at this school. 97%  3%
    2 Children are safe at this school.    100%  
    3 Behaviour is good in this school. 94% 6%
    4 The behaviour of pupils is consistently well managed. 97% 3%
    5 The school deals with any cases of bullying effectively. 97% 3%
    6 Leaders do all they can to improve teaching. 100%  
    7 The school makes appropriate provision for my professional development. 97% 3%
    8 The school successfully meets the differing needs of individual pupils. 97% 3%
    9 I know what we are trying to achieve as a school. 97% 3%
    10 All staff consistently apply school policies     97% 3%
    11 The school is well led and managed 97% 3%



    Some quotes from our staff (2018):

    • I consider myself very lucky to be a part of the Oxford Grove team. Having worked here for the last 15 years, I can honestly say that we have the strongest leadership team, the most dedicated teachers, the most exciting curriculum for our pupils and the most vibrant environment.

    • I am extremely proud to work at Oxford Grove Primary School. All staff work as a team to consistently drive standards forward and keep the children at the heart of all that they do.

    • I have the privilege of working with the most determined set of people I have ever met. They face every challenge with enthusiasm and creativity.

    • The school has an amazing learning environment where we treat each other as family and take pride in all that we do. The leadership at this school is second to none with a truly inspirational headteacher.

    • Every member of staff drives improvement in school and wants the best for every child. Staff are inspired by our dedicated headteacher, who always leads by example.

    • Our school celebrates every child’s achievements; every child’s steps are acknowledged. Children are motivated to learn and become independent thinkers and our fantastic learning environment is a reflection of this.

    • It is an honour and a privilege to work in such a dedicated, enthusiastic team of people. We are the Oxford Grove family.

    • As a new member of staff, it is already apparent to me that this school is extremely well led. Staff are passionate and dedicated, and everyone priorities the achievement and well-being of the children.

    • I feel I have been strongly supported throughout and after my NQT year. The school provided me with many opportunities to develop my practice, through observing outstanding teaching and constant advice on how to improve and fulfill my potential.

    • I am proud to be part of a school with such a supportive senior leadership team. I am grateful for all the help and advice I have received since being an NQT as well as my transition back to work after maternity leave. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my colleagues.

  • Some quotes from our staff (2017-2018):

    “The dedication, particularly that of the senior leaders, is inspirational.”

    “I am proud to work at Oxford Grove and I am very passionate about our school and our team.”

    “This school has been constantly supportive throughout my teaching career.”

    “Amazing school with such caring and supportive members of staff – especially the senior leaders!”

    “The staff are supportive and are happy to give up their time to support their colleagues.”

    “It is a privilege to work at this school, with our children, under our head teacher’s leadership. I count myself lucky to be part of such a school.”

    “I feel exceptionally lucky to work so closely with such a dedicated team, who prioritise the achievement and wellbeing of both the children and staff.”

    “The school environment reflects the pride we have in our school and each other, a fun and loving place to work which celebrates the success of one another.”

    “The children all have enthusiasm towards their learning and the whole school has an amazing, positive atmosphere.”