Meet the Staff 2018-2019

  • Our aspirations for the future....

  • Senior Leadership Team:

  • Miss N Harvey

    Head Teacher: 
    Miss N Harvey

  • Mrs Mandy day

    Deputy Head Teacher: 
    Mrs M Day

  • Assistant Head Teacher: 
    Mrs N Ainscough

  • Assistant Head Teacher: 
    Mrs J Calland

  • miss n stockton

    Assistant Head Teacher: 
    Miss N Stockton

  • Foundation Stage Unit

    Phase Leader: Mrs N Ainscough

    Foundation Stage Team

  • mrs c hart

    Mrs C Hart

  • Mrs N Ainscough

    Mrs N Ainscough

  • Mrs C Barrett

  • Foundation Stage TA Support

  • mrs m umarji

    Mrs M Umarji

  • miss d strickland

    Mrs D Sharples

  • Mrs S Lomax

  • mrs l hobin
    Mrs L Hobin 

  • mrs a barnett

    Mrs A Barnett

  • Key Stage 1

    Phase Leader: Mrs M Day

    KS1 Teachers

  • 1T

    mrs l thompson

    Mrs L Thompson

  • 1C

    Miss E Cowell

  • 2B

    miss f bimson

    Miss F Bimson

  • 2H

    Miss N Harrison

  • KS1 TA Support

  • miss r khan
    Miss R Khan

  • miss n roberts

    Miss N Roberts

  • Key Stage 2

    Phase Leader: Miss N Stockton
  • 3R

    mrs z moore

    Mrs Z Moore

  • 3L

    Miss R Lord

  • 4L

    Miss A Longmore

  • 4B

    Mrs J Bain

  • TA Support

    Mrs K Morris

  • TA Support

    mrs j petitjean

    Mrs J Petitjean

  • TA Support

    Mrs L Buckley

  • Upper Key Stage 2 Unit

    Phase Leader: Miss N Stockton
  • 5S

    Miss N Stockton

  • 5K

    Miss L King

  • Year 5

    Miss K Campbell

  • Year 6C

    Mrs J Calland

  • 6J

    Miss B Jarvis

  • Key Stage 2 Stage TA Support

  • mrs j white

    Mrs J White

  • miss w lowe

    Miss W Lowe

  • Family Liaison Worker for Attendance


    Mrs A Macdonald

  • Safeguarding and Wellbeing Officer

    Mrs T Lord

  • Wellbeing Mentor


    Mr L Almond

  • Specialist Staff

  • French Teacher

    Madame S Munum

  • Sports Coach

    Mr J Neil

  • Music Teachers

  • Mrs C Hudson

  • Mr I Bamford

  • Mr S Dunkley

  • Mr S Martin

  • Administration

  • School Business Manager

    Mr W Khalid

  • Administrator


    Miss B Jackson

  • Administrator


    Mrs A Gregory

  • Our Cooks

  • Miss K Burns

  • Ms M Jethwa

  • Ms L Atherton

  • Ms A Adamson

  • Building Maintenance


    Mr J Smith