School Games Mark Gold – Oxford Grove Primary School

School Games Mark Gold


    Achieved – July 2019


    Oxford Grove has held the School Games Mark award since 2016.

    The School Games Mark is a Government led award that focuses on recognising schools who show commitment to physical competitions across the school and the wider community.

    At Oxford Grove, our sports provision is excellent, with Mr Neil and Miss Makin leading PE lessons across the school and hosting before and after school sports clubs. Children from a range of year groups also have the opportunity to attend competitions, both those within school and with other schools across our cluster. These competitions cover a wide range of sports, including cricket, boxing, athletics, swimming, rounders and football.

    • “The school is operating at a high level, with sports provision an integral part of the ethos of the school.”

    • “The evidence provided was exemplary – well done!”

    • “The school are going above and beyond in their efforts to offer a well-rounded sporting offer that incorporates all young people in the school regardless of their ability.”​​