Reading Quality Mark Gold

  • liv reading qual mark gold


    Achieved – September 2016

    Renewal – September 2019


    Oxford Grove has held the Reading Quality Mark award since 2016.

    The Liverpool Reading Quality Mark is an award created in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, aimed at promoting reading for enjoyment. We cannot emphasise the importance of reading enough; not only for academic benefit but so that all may be immersed the portable magic of literature. Our wide range of reading activities and events demonstrates our commitment to teaching children to read and to love reading.

    At Oxford Grove, our reading practice is exemplary – from author visits, competitions and beautiful class library displays to discrete guided reading sessions, targeted reading buddy work and the use of real texts within lessons.

    Our embedded work within reading has therefore been rightly recognised with Gold Award – the highest standard awarded by the Liverpool Reading Quality Mark.



    • “Recommended authors and poets are displayed in each class. Children were able to discuss these at length, passionately talking about their favourite class authors.”

    • “The engagement of all children throughout the school is impressive and inspirational. The school has captured the awe and wonder of reading for pleasure and provides experiences for the children that they will never forget.”

    • “Reading is an integral part of a rich curriculum with reading for pleasure embedded across the school.”

    • “Children are extremely knowledgeable about books, authors and poets, and spoke fluently about the amazing texts they have read.”

    • “Staff, governors and parents spoke passionately and enthusiastically about reading throughout the school and how this has impacted on the children’s love of reading and attainment in reading.”

    • “The school governors are involved in learning walks, book monitoring and data analysis, giving them an outstanding insight into teaching and learning.”

    • “Staff, governors and children are extremely passionate about reading and this comes through in every area of the school.”