Leading Parent Partnership Award – Oxford Grove Primary School

Leading Parent Partnership Award

  • Achieved in July 2019


    Oxford Grove has held the Leading Parent Partnership Award since 2016.

    The Leading Parent Partnership Award focuses on the impact of parents on children’s learning. It recognises schools that have a commitment to parents as partners in education, and rewards work in induction, transition, communications, lifelong learning and enrichment activities.

    Oxford Grove hosts a vast array of celebration and information events during the school year for parents, in addition to our traditional Parent Conference progress meetings and class assemblies.

    Our staff are always available to speak to parents in the school day; either through messages passed through our staff on the doors in the morning, via a phone call or face-to-face at the end of the school day when staff are always on the classroom doors or in the playground.

    In recognition of all of our hard work in working in partnership with our parents and carers, we have been award the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA).




    • “The school environment was of exceptionally high quality with beautiful displays throughout the school”

    • “Parent confidence in the school is very high, parents feel staff are accessible and easy to talk to and feel very supported by staff.”

    • “There is a very good range of activities for parents to develop their own learning, help support their children’s learning and work together with their children.”

    • “Oxford Grove is committed to parent partnership.”