Artsmark Gold – Oxford Grove Primary School

Artsmark Gold

  • Achieved – April 2020


    Oxford Grove has held the Artsmark award since 2014.

    ‘The arts’ are a means by which we can develop our creative flair and imagination. At Oxford Grove we are committed to providing such opportunities within art, music, drama and dance across all aspects of the curriculum.

    At Oxford Grove Primary School we aim to provide all pupils with:

    • The opportunity to participate in and experience a broad and balanced range of arts activities as part of a rich, exciting curriculum.
    • The opportunity to discover and pursue interests and talents.
    • The opportunity to develop a progressive range of skills, confidence and self-esteem.
    • The opportunity to perform creatively in class assemblies, shows and productions.
    • Arts activities that access other areas of the curriculum, different cultures and those that reflect our local community.

    We will provide arts opportunities to all our children, regardless of gender, race or disability. The arts may be used to develop children’s learning and talents in any area of the curriculum, particularly for those with Special Educational Needs, including Gifted and Talented children and hard to reach and vulnerable children.

    Art lessons are planned to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum from Foundation Stage through to Year 6. Art is developed through many other activities throughout the curriculum with many cross-curricular links.

    Physical Education is allocated two hours per week, meaning dance occurs every other half term. This is delivered by professional coaches alongside class teachers. Other dance opportunities are available additional to this such as extra-curricular clubs and additional workshops from visitors.

    Drama is a key element of our English programme and is used as a powerful, creative teaching tool across the curriculum. All classrooms include a role play area.

    Music is taught as an individual subject by specialist music teachers alongside class teachers, and is reinforced by additional wider opportunity music sessions planned for throughout the year.

    Performance opportunities are planned and structured so that each class has the chance to demonstrate their talents to a wider audience on at least a termly basis.

    We recognise that partnerships with professional artists and organisations, enables us to significantly enhance the provision available to the pupils. Accordingly, we have a planned programme of visits and visitors for each cohort each year, which forms the enhanced curriculum.

    We offer a range of arts clubs that can be accessed by pupils. School staff and outside organisations provide a number of after-school Arts clubs and activities for children.

    We believe pupil voice is key to providing a meaningful curriculum to our children and have an Arts Council, additional to school council who lead class and group meetings in order to develop and improve our Arts provision.



    • “Your children and young people are offered equal opportunity to participate in a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences and you recognise the importance of development opportunities for your staff in these areas.”

    • “The school’s commitment to the arts is evident in the Statement of Commitment and Case Study, and it is pleasing to learn of the positive impact their Artsmark journey has had on developing both pupils’ confidence and teachers’ skills in learning and teaching of the arts curriculum, especially in music.”

    • “Your children and young people have an opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of arts and culture and you are working to build on the foundations of your provision.”

    • “You have an extensive range of opportunities to work with artists and arts organisations which exceeds criteria and provides good coverage of artforms.”

    • “You have a colourful and creative school environment, outstanding displays, confident performances and the established involvement of student voice in shaping the arts.”

    • “The arts are embedded in the topic based curriculum, taught across the school and many outstanding examples to support this were seen during a tour of the school and in the discussion with students. The tour of the school reinforced the imaginative approaches of staff.”

    • “The school has a considerable strength in using a rich programme of arts experiences to engage their students with a range of different cultures and draw upon the ethnic background of the young people, artists and local community in providing considerable breadth and depth.”