School Links – Oxford Grove Primary School

School Links

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    As a multicultural school, Oxford Grove has links with a range of other schools, both locally and internationally.
  • Year 1 Links with The Valley and Blackshaw
    (2019 – 2020)

    Year 1 have taken part in two school links projects with The Valley Primary School (just off Blackburn Road) and Blackshaw Primary School in Breighment. The classes have met at Oxford Grove. The classes played lots of different ‘get to know you’ games to help them understand how people can be similar and different. The children have also taken part in different PE games and a djembe drumming workshop with Mr Bamford.


  • Year 1 Links with The Gates, Westhoughton
    (2018 – 2019)

    Year 1 have taken part in school links project with The Gates Primary School from Westhoughton. The classes met at Oxford Grove and learned all about each other and their schools. The project has helped our children to learn about the ethnic diversity within Bolton. We all took part in an African drumming workshop at Oxford Grove. We also met up for a sports trip at Bolton College, where we worked in mixed teams to play lots of different sports, learning how to work together with new people.

  • Year 2 Links with St Thomas of Canterbury
    (2017 – 2018)

    Year 2 have taken part in school links project with St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School. Throughout the year, the classes met a number of times at different venues. The project has helped our children to understand the different ethnicities and religions in the different areas of Bolton. The children took part in an activity day at Bolton College where they played lots of team building games. St Thomas of Canterbury then came to join us at Oxford Grove for an afternoon full of games and crafts centred around equality and diversity.

  • Year 4 Links with Blackrod Primary
    (2016 – 2017)

    Year 4 have taken part in a school linking project with Blackrod Primary School. Throughout the year the classes met and learned about how our two schools were both similar and different. The aim of the project was for children to understand what it is like in other areas of Bolton, in other schools and to also understand diversity and equality amongst each other.



  • Year 2 Links with St Peter’s, Farnworth
    (2016 – 2017)

    Year 2 took part in a school linking project with St Peter’s C.E. Primary School. Throughout the year the classes met and had opportunities to compare the differences and similarities between their schools. The children were able to meet others who were similar to, and different from, themselves from other areas of Bolton, and could talk about the differences in diversity.


  • Year 6 Links with Poland
    (Since 2015)

    Since 2015, Year 6 children have linked with other eleven year olds in Poland. They have written to each other via the school blogs as ‘penpals’, and discussed and compared the similarities and differences in their lives and cultures.