School Council 2015-2016

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    Our School Councillors for 2015-2016 are:
    Year 2R – Scarlett and Harvey
    Year 2B – Karis and Harvey
    Year 3T – Layland and Ashleigh
    Year 3M – Turaab and Mohammed-Zain
    Year 4S – Umara
    Year 4L – Areeb and Millie
    Year 5 – Yasser
    Year 6 – Jabu, Megan, Tamsin, Calvin and Kayne
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  • A Warm Welcome to our School Council 2015-2016.

    My name is Kayne and I am one of the Year 6 members of this year’s School Council. On the Council’s behalf I should like to warmly welcome you to our webpage notice board. Here you will find lots of information about the workings of our school council. If you are wondering how often the School Council meets you may be surprised to know it is every two weeks on a Monday afternoon. At each meeting we discuss issues that have been raised by the children from around school or sometimes by the head teacher. We may even be planning, or running, some campaign to improve how our school works to help all our children learn.
    As the School Council we have been able to help to arrange many things for our children. These include: the visiting farm, the climbing wall,’Stomp’ and much, much more. We also drive the school’s fund-raising activities: this year focusing on raising money for ‘The Stroke Association’ and ‘Cancer Research’.
    You can keep in touch with our meetings and the issues that have been raised and discusssed by reading the ‘Meeting Minutes’ which are added to the site after each meeting takes place. You can also follow and contribute to our campaigns by using the new School Council Blog – which we would really like you to join in with please!
    We are looking forward to working together all year to help Miss Harvey and her team make Oxford Grove a better place for all the present and future pupils of our school.
    One of the Year 6 leaders of the School Council.  
  • Applying for the School Council. How does it work?

    Applying for school council is easy. If you are in Year 6, 5, 4 or 3 you have to write an impressive letter to the old School Council. If you are in Year 2 you have to write a couple of sentences or draw some pictures of you representing being on the School Council.

    Once your letter is read by the old School Council, they will get everyone who has applied for an interview.

    The old School Council will ask you questions like:

    1. Why do you want to be a school councillor?
    2. Have you ever broken any school rules?
    3. How will you improve the school?

    So if you would like to apply for School Council, start thinking about what you might say because the applications will be out next term, which is sooner than you think!


    One of the Year 6 leaders of the School Council.

  • What The School Council Has Achieved This Year.

    This year the School Council has been focusing on four different improvement priorities in the school which are:

    Improving the safety of ‘The Drop~Off~Zone’

    Helping children understand more about bullying

    Fund-raising for our chosen charities; The Stroke Association and Cance Research 

    Supporting the teachers in earning several new awards.


    One of the most important priorities of the School Council is to help make sure all the children are safe. We have been working on our ‘Drop-Off Zone’ making sure that cars are not parking where they shouldn’t be. It is important not to create hazards in this way and as a result of all this year’s hard work the ‘Drop-Off Zone’ has never worked better.

    Together as a Council we have organised and presented many assemblies about bullying to make sure our Anti-bullying Policy works. The different types of bullying we have focused on are:cyber bulying, verbal bullying, physical bullying ,racist bullying and homophobic bullying. WE think all the children now have a better understanding of bullying and how it affects people and so are much less likely to become bullies in the future.

    This year as a School Souncil we have worked towards raising money for two charities which are ‘The Stroke Assosiation’ and ‘Cancer Research’. During the year we have raised almost three thousand pounds through helping to organise and run a ‘Spellathon’, a ‘Pajama Party Day’ and some ‘Non-uniform’ days. This money has been split equaly between the two charities. We are very proud of our achievements in this area.

    As part of the achievments we have made as a school this year The School Council has helped to earn a number of awards such as ‘The StoneWall School Champion Award’, ‘The Healthy Schools Award’, ‘The E~Saftey Award’ and the ‘Leading Parent Parentship Award’ and when the school recently underwent a Safeguarding Audit we helped to secure an ‘Outstanding ‘ judgement. We think this work has helped our school to get closer to being ‘outstanding’!

    The School Council feels that this year we have definitely had a positive impact on the school and made it a better place in which to learn and we are very proud of our achievements.


    M. Benson and T.Brough.

    Year 6 School Councillors.

  • Pupil Questionnaire 2015.

    As one of the Year 6 School Council Leaders, I was given the job to take responsibility for a pupil questionnaire. Firstly, I was handed the questionnaires and I brought them to each classroom for them to be filled in by the class children with Megan and Jabu. I had explained to the teachers that they were supposed to read the questions out to the children and explain what they meant.After they had all been completed I collected them in with Jabu and we analysed the information with Mrs Day.This means we calculated the percentages of who agreed and disagreed with each statement.
    I think this would help Miss Harvey and the School Council because with the results we could identify what is good and what could be improved about our school.
    One of the Year 6 Leaders of the School Council.