Parent Questionnaire – Oxford Grove Primary School

Parent Questionnaire

  • These are the results of our Parents and Carers Questionnaire 2020:

        % Strongly Agree or Agree
    1 My child is happy at this school. 98%
    2 My child feels safe at this school. 100%
    3 This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved. 98%
    4 The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year. 92%
    5 When I have raised concerns with the school, they have been dealt with properly. 94%
    6 My child has special educational needs and/or disabilities and the school gives them the support they need to succeed. 100%
    7 The school has high expectations for my child. 93%
    8 My child does well at this school. 98%
    9 The school lets me know how my child is doing. 94%
    10 There is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school. 96%
    11 My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school. 96%
    12 The school supports my child’s wider personal development. 93%



    Thank you to all of our families who completed the parent questionnaire.

    10 parents/carers stated that their child had been bullied. Of these, 7 agreed that the bullying had been dealt with quickly and effectively and 3 were not sure.

    We are also proud to say that 100% of our parents and carers say they would recommend Oxford Grove to others!


    Parent feedback from 2020

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    Some quotes from our parents and carers from 2020:

    ‘This school is an amazing school. Both my children have had a really good education whilst being in this school.’ – Patrick (Year 2)

    ‘Extremely happy with the school, the staff and the regime. Had no problems in the 6 years that my child has been at Oxford Grove.’ – Abigail (Year 5)

    ‘Both my children have settled well, they love school and its lovely to see how confident they are becoming. Mrs Ainscough has been amazing since Bella started in supporting me with my concerns and Bella with the support she needs, I can’t thank her enough.’ – Thomas and Bella (Year 1 and Year 3)

    ‘Miss Brewer, Mrs Day and Mrs Ainscough are amazing support for my child.’ – Layton (Year 1)

    ‘We have two schools to compare to so we can see the good work Oxford Grove do wih my child. The choice of activities and clubs are brilliant and I can see him learning more and more each year in term of his lessons.’ – James (Year 4)

    ‘Oxford Grove Primary School is the best school ever.’ – Vincsenzo (Year 1)

    ‘My child is very happy at this school. She loves all her teachers and I would definitely recommend this school.’ – Meerab (Year 5)

    ‘The school has a good reputation in Bolton.’ – Wisale (Year 5)

    ‘I like this school because it helps my child to learn and have knowledge.’ – Lodan (Year 4)

    ‘The pupils are well behaved and motivated. Individual needs are specifically catered for and the staff are approachable and helpful. The general ethos is a happy positive welcoming community working together to achieve potential.’ – Alfie (Year 4)

    ‘There are teachers that help children if they are worried.’ – Abdullah (Year 3)

    ‘I like the passion of every staff member at Oxford Grove towards the education and wellbeing of the children.’

    ‘I am satisfied of this school. The behaviour of teachers is very positive and kind. The system of education is very impressive. My child loves and likes this school very much.’

    ‘I was impressed with how school quickly got to the bottom of the issue. It was resolved the same day it was highlighted. Happy child = happy parents!’

    ‘Absolutely amazing school. All four of my children have come to this school and I would definitely recommend the school to others.’

    ‘Really good after school clubs.’

    ‘Three kids in this school. One finished and moved to high school. We never doubted our decision or had any regrets. Super happy!’

    ‘Both my girls are happy and settled here. Lovely school and staff.’

    ‘I strongly recommend this school to new parents. This school is brilliant.’

    Parent feedback from previous years

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