Year 4L Class Assembly (5th October)


    Year 4L performed their amazing class assembly all about the Romans. 

    They have done lots of brilliant learning about Ancient Rome, including some disgusting facts about their daily life!

    They told us how it felt to be invaded, after they experienced being invaded by Sargeant Stockon and her army. We all learned a lot from this assembly!


    • “Super! Very nicely acted out by the children. A good way to learn about history.”

      Romaisa's mum
    • “Well done, an amazing performance. Keep it up!”-

      Tamanna’s mum
    • “Great assembly and very interesting.”

      Taylor’s mum and dad
    • “Brilliant! You all spoke out loud and clear.”

      Mia’s mum
    • “Super performance Y4. Well Done!”

      Amara’s mum
    • “Lovely assembly. Sargent Shan was so good and all of the class. Well Done!”

      Shan’s mum, dad and sister
    • “Brilliant assembly, Well done!” –

      Marissa’s nana and uncle
    • “A brilliant assembly. Very proud to watch you all. Well Done, 4L!”

      Daniel's mum
    • “A super cringing but very informative assembly. Great to be taught history by our children. Well done!”

      Turaab’s mum
    • “Great assembly, Well done!”

      Corey’s mum
    • “An amazing performance, very proud to watch you.”

      Alen’s mum and dad