Year 1B performed their fantastic class assembly all about friends.

    They talked about what makes a good friend, and how friends help us with our worries. The children explained what to do if you are worried, and how friends can look after us.

    The children also gave two beautiful performances, including ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me’.


    • Fantastic singing, Year 1B. Made me smile.

      Amelia's mummy
    • Well done Year 1, assembly was fantastic.

      Lucas' mummy
    • Wonderful assembly, Year 1.

      Maisie's mummy
    • Fantastic and wonderful presentation. Well done all.

      Joseph's dad
    • Year 1B, you were fantastic! I loved every bit of your assembly. Well done.

      Ayaan's mum
    • Brilliant assembly. Very proud of the Gruffalo.

      James' mummy
    • Well done, Year 1. Brilliant assembly.

      Michael's mum
    • Well done Year 1. So nice. Thank you.

      Vishnu's mum
    • Well done, Year 1 class assembly.

      Lodan's mum
    • Well done, Year 1. Brilliant assembly.

      Maddison's mummy
    • Fantastic assembly, Year 1. I had such fun listening to your songs. Well done.

      Maisie-Lee's mummy
    • Brilliant. Well done, Year 1.

      Amelia's mummy and daddy