Parental Involvement 2019-20



    The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) focuses on the impact of parents on children’s learning. It recognises schools that have a commitment to parents as partners in education, and rewards work in induction, transition, communications, lifelong learning and enrichment activities.

    At Oxford Grove, we work hard on our partnership with parents. We offer a wide range of opportunities for parents to engage with school, to discuss their child’s progress, to celebrate their learning and to access support for themselves; from Parent Conference and in-school learning for parents, to workshops and class assemblies. 

    As a result of this, Oxford Grove was reaccredited for the Leading Parent Partnership Award in July 2019.


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    Parents Section

    Please click to visit our private Parent Area, with a wide range of information suitable for parents and carers.

    (Reminder: you will need the parent password which has been provided to you in a text message. If you have forgotten the password, please speak to the School Office)