Parental Involvement Summer 2017

  • Leaver’s Assembly

    Friday 21st July

    Year 6 parents are invited into school for the final time to celebrate their child’s achievements throughout their time at our school. Families will also  receive their child’s record of achievement.

  • Work Related Learning

    Monday 17th July

    All parents and members of the community were invited to Work Related Learning, where the children and teachers ran stalls selling food and items made by the children. There were also games and activities to take part in. Well done to everybody for raising  £688.82!

  • Music Assembly

    Friday 14th July

    Year 5 and Choir parents were invited into school to see a showcase of what the children have been learning in music throughout the year. Year 5 children will be showcasing their work on learning to play the djembe drums and brass instruments.

  • NSPCC Online Safety Workshop

    Friday 7th July



    All parents were invited into school for a workshop hosted by NSPCC. This will focus on understanding the internet and technology as children do – from online games and cyberbullying, to setting up privacy settings and controls, and helping parents to have the right conversations with children.

  • Foundation Stage Music Assembly

    Friday 7th July

    Foundation Stage parents were invited into school to see a showcase of what the children have been learning in music throughout the year. 

  • Alfa Music Festival at the Macron Stadium

    Monday 3rd July

    All parents were invited to come and watch our choir sing a selection of songs  in the Alfa Music Festival at the Macron Stadium , alongside other schools and music groups from the North West.

  • Oral Health Improvement Parent Workshop

    Wednesday 22nd June at 9:00am

    The Oral Health Improvement Team presented a short talk about Oral Health in Bolton and some of the programmes which are undertaken to ensure that children’s teeth in Bolton remain healthy.

    Questions the team answered: How can I find a dentist? Why do my gums bleed? What do I do if I find it difficult to brush my child’s teeth? Why have my child’s teeth decayed? What’s the best toothpaste for my family?



  • Connect Futures Parent Workshop

    Monday 19th  June at 3:00pm

    Parents were invited to take part in a workshop led by  Connect Futures, who specialise in providing support to build up resilience to extremism.  The session provided information on the Prevent Strategy, the role of the media, online radicalisation, vulnerabilities and behavioural signs.

  • Bollywood Dancing Family Workshop

    Thursday 18th  May (KS1) and Friday 19th May (KS2) at 3:00pm

    Parents were invited to take part in a family workshop, led by a Bollywood dancer. They learned a variety of moves, and put these together into a dance. Parents and children had to opportunity to dance together.

  • Foundation Stage Story Sessions

    Every Monday 2:15pm – 3:00pm (Reception)

    Every Friday 11:15am – 12:00pm (Nursery)


    Parents are invited to take part in story sessions with their child’s class. These are initially led by the teacher, who models good reading skills with the children. Parents can then share books with their child.

  • New Reception Intake Parent’s Meeting

    Monday 15th May at 9:00am 

    Parents of children who will be attending our school from September are invited to come and find out all about our school and arrangements for transition. In addition, parents of current Reception children will be talking about their experiences of our school.