Safeguarding Review (June 2016)

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    In June 2016, a Safeguarding Review was conducted in Oxford Grove at the request of the Headteacher. This review was undertaken by a Local Authority Safeguarding in Education Social Worker.

    The Safeguarding in Education Team judged safeguarding at Oxford Grove Primary School as outstanding.


    Quotes from our LA Safeguarding Review Report:

    “Oxford Grove is a lovely, warm and welcoming school.”

    “The staff have more than just an awareness of Safeguarding; they had a deeper knowledge and understanding of the issues within their school and current trends, both locally and nationally.”

    “Safeguarding has a high profile throughout the school and is prioritised in staff inductions.”

    “The behaviour observed from the pupils on the day of the audit was impeccable. During the visit, pupils that were spoken to were incredibly polite and well-mannered.”

    “Lunchtime was very well-organised and calm.”

    “Pupils who were spoken to said that they felt safe at the school because teachers talk to the pupils and listen to them.”

    “I carried out a group interview with members of the school council, which was an absolute pleasure. The pupils were very polite and respectful; not just to me, but to their fellow pupils. They were confident and articulate. The Year 6 pupils shared that they wished that an Oxford Grove secondary school existed as they loved their school so much and did not want to leave.”

    “The pupils spoke of their school with pride and shared what they liked best about their school. They were proud that their school was multi-cultural and that they celebrated and embraced different cultures.”

    “There are excellent, robust systems in place strategically and this is evident within the daily operational running of the school. All staff, as well as the children, know what to do if they have any concerns and this is evident and displayed throughout the whole school.”

    “The pupil voice is strong at Oxford Grove. It was evident during the interview with the school council that pupils feel empowered and that their views are considered important by the staff at Oxford Grove.”

    “The school has a strong leadership and management, and the communication between the Senior Leadership Team and staff is exemplary. Staff model professional standards to a high level in all areas of safeguarding and demonstrate a high level of respect and courtesy for pupils and others.”

    “It was evident throughout the day that the school has a very positive staff culture.”

    “The governors were passionate about the school and the safety and welfare of the pupils.  Safeguarding is a key priority and is a standing agenda item at governors meetings.  The governors are extremely proactive and the monitoring systems they have in place are robust.”

    “Staff and pupils of Oxford Grove School appear happy and eager to learn.  Oxford Grove is a diverse school, with a high number of new international arrivals.  The school have ensured that this is not a barrier for learning and have ensured resources and additional support is in so that all pupils are able to achieve their full potential.  Staff are very proud of the children and the children are proud to be pupils at Oxford Grove.  The pupils are a credit to the school.”