Visiting Authors and Poets


    Matt Goodfellow

    Matt Goodfellow has visited us a number of times in school. He has led KS2 assemblies, where he told us lots of hilarious stories about how he finds inspiration for his poems. He has worked with all classes in KS2 in workshops, teaching us how to perform poems in a way that will interest the audience. He has taught us how to use expression and action to make poems exciting for the listener. 


    Lynne Chapman

    Lynne Chapman came to work with Foundation Stage on World Book Day. She took questions from the children, and showed us how she comes up with her ideas, and how she writes and illustrates her books. She read a selection of her books aloud.


    James Nichol

    James Nichol worked with KS2. He led an assembly and then did workshops with KS2 classes. He read sections of his novels aloud, and discussed the writing process. He even helped us do some writing of our own.

    Liz Million

    Liz Million worked with our KS1 classes. She held workshops where she shared some of the books she has illustrated. She talked about the illustrating process, and helped us to learn drawing techniques of our own.

    Bernard Young

    Bernard Young led an assembly for KS1, where he read a selection of his poems aloud. He also performed some of his poems with guitar music. He worked with all the classes in KS1, where each class wrote their own poem together and then performed it to music.

    Anna Lucas

    Anna Lucas worked with classes in Foundation Stage and KS1. She read aloud from her book, Sir Undercracker, and answered questions from the children. She also talked about the vocabulary in her book and what the words mean.

  •  Author: Jane Clarke

    Jane Clarke worked with all the classes in Key Stage 2, teaching them different strategies for writing and helping them to design characters for the classes to use in their own writing. She also read aloud from her own books.

  •  Poet: Alec Williams

    Alec Williams led a whole school assembly, where he read two of his poems and told us a fabulous story. He then worked with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in separate workshops, talking about how stories and poems are written.

  •  jason-beresford

    Author: Jason Beresford

    Jason gave a fabulous assembly all about his books, ‘The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers’. He spent time with each of the classes in Key Stage 2, reading parts of his books and discussing the writing process.

  •  damian-harvey

    Author: Damien Harvey

    Damien spent time with each of the classes in Key Stage 1, reading parts of his books and discussing the writing process. After school, he met some of our parents and autographed copies of books for our children to buy.

  •  john-rice

     Poet: John Rice

    John gave an assembly all about his poems, where the whole school enjoyed listening to the poems and joining in with actions. John spent two days in school, working with each of the classes from Year 1 to Year 6. He read lots of poems to each class, and helped us to understand how to write a poem.

  • Author: Chitra Soundar

    Chitra Soundar led an assembly, where she talked about her books and how she writes. She worked with all the classes in Key Stage 2, teaching them different strategies for writing and reading her books aloud.

  • Author: Saviour Pirotta

    Saviour Pirotta led an assembly, where he talked about his books and how he comes up with his ideas. He worked with all the classes in Key Stage 1, reading aloud from his books and talking about reading for pleasure.

  •  malam1

    Author: John Malam

    As part of our World Book Day celebrations, an author called John Malam came to visit our school. John Malam writes non-fiction books, especially about History topics, and we have lots of his books in our school. He read parts of his books out, and he explained step-by-step how he researches, writes, edits and publishes his books.

  •  poet1

    Poet: Mandy Coe
    We had another amazing poet come in to work with us! Her name was Mandy Coe, and she spent time with all the classes, helping them to write joint poems. She also read some of her own poems and riddles to the children.
    Year 1 enjoyed writing a poem using lots of different languages. Here is Year 6’s poem, based on the painting ‘Sunflowers’ by Vincent Van Gogh:
    The tiles are soft under my feet.
    The chair is comfortable,
    There’s a table here,
    Covered in paint – yellow and blue,
    A pot of brushes, a jug of water,
    Time is used up here,
    Quiet and tranquil days and nights.

  •  harmer1

    Author and Poet: David Hamer

    The author and poet David Hamer came to work with all of our classes. He writes lots of stories and poems, and helped each class to do some writing of their own. Each class wrote a joint poem altogether, and got the opportunity to perform these to the whole school in assembly. He also read out some of his own poems in assembly to the whole school.