Our Local Libraries

  • Halliwell UCAN Centre

    Halliwell UCAN Centre

    Our nearest library centre is the Halliwell UCAN Centre further down Shepherd Cross Street.

    The UCAN Centre provides a neighbourhood collection, where you can borrow books using a self-service machine. You can also return books to any library in the borough. Any special requests for books that aren’t on display can be made as normal via the library ordering service.

    You can also access the internet through the computers at the UCAN Centre.

  • Central Library

    Our next nearest library is the Central Library on Le Mans Crescent in Bolton town centre. (The Museum and Aquarium is in the same building.)

    The children’s section of the library is on the ground floor. It offers a wide range of books for children of all ages. There are also comfortable seats so children can enjoy reading books whilst in the library.

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