Curriculum Overview

  • At Oxford Grove we are passionate about helping each child to equip themselves with the skills and attributes they need to pursue their dreams and enjoy becoming lifelong learners.

    Consequently our curriculum has been designed to reflect the ethos, supported by our local community and stimulated by our diverse context. We aim to encourage in each individual child a passion for knowledge and an enduring love of learning, whilst preparing them for the challenges and opportunities presented by life in modern multi-cultural Britain. The school have invested a great deal of time and energy to ensure that our curriculum is personalised and unique; specifically tailored to our children’s needs and interests so it  stimulates and engages their enquiring minds providing opportunities for all to discover and nurture their talents.
    In order to secure our aim of achieving excellence, a culture of appropriate challenge pervades our curriculum. It is underpinned by the statutory requirements of the national curriculum, delivered in a rich and supportive environment in which children can thrive and enriched by a wide-ranging menu of highly motivating “WOW” activities. 

    With SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) development and British Values embedded throughout we hope this outstanding curriculum will enable us to instil in our pupils the core values of respect, responsibility, loyalty, honesty and tolerance and help them to become valuedcitizens reshaping society in a future we can all be proud of.​

    To find out more about the National Curriculum please visit this website: