New Awards 2017-18

  • In 2017 – 2018, we are aiming to achieve the following awards:

  • Governor Mark

     Governor Mark aims to externally validate and celebrate good governance in schools. Good school governance, leadership and management is key to excellence.


    DECISION PENDING – Spring 2018



  • Wellbeing Award for Schools 

    The award has a focus on impact and outcomes for pupils so that schools can demonstrate specific and wider impacts of Wellbeing policies and interventions.

    The award demonstrates commitment to promoting wellbeing as part of school life and helps to improve pupils’ attainment and behaviour, alongside supporting children to develop good mental health and resilience.


  • Lancashire Quality Award for Early Years

    The Lancashire Quality Award provides an opportunity for practitioners to spend focused time together looking at what they do everyday and considering which parts work well and which could be further developed. It is an overarching systematic tool for self-evaluation and reflection that will embrace all areas within settings, from leadership and management to daily routines.

    The Lancashire Quality Award is underpinned by the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Quality Improvement Principles.