IQM Centre of Excellence

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    Achieved – July 2016

    Renewed – October 2017


    The Inclusion Quality Mark identifies successful inclusive practice in schools. It consists of a range of elements, including pupil progress, attitudes, values, personal development and the learning environment, and focuses on how these elements contribute towards the achievement of all pupils.

    Oxford Grove is delighted to have been assessed as a Centre of Excellence in inclusion. This shows that we are committed to sustaining the Inclusion Quality Mark ethos through collaborative activities; have the capacity to share and disseminate good inclusion practice across a broader cluster of schools, and engage in classroom level research that explores inclusive practice.

    • Oxford Grove continues to grow as an outstandingly inclusive, positive and highly purposeful community with a relentless focus on the highest quality teaching, learning and provision for all those involved. An excellent culture of critical reflection pervades the school ensuring that existing strategies, programmes and projects are robustly evaluated and refined as appropriate to ensure success for all involved, seeking new solutions to the challenges that are faced in achieving the goal of enabling all pupils to succeed to the best of their abilities.

    • There is a vibrant, happy stimulating, learning environment throughout the school with a focus on helping pupils to develop the skills, which they need to be effective and they are encouraged to become independent learners through stimulating curriculum and through a host of after school experiences. Pupils I observed in classes, around the school and at break and lunchtime were friendly, polite and able to talk honestly and confidently about their learning. The behaviour of pupils during the review was exemplary.

    • During a conversation with pupils who were members of the School Council, they were well mannered, articulate and clearly valued opportunities they are offered at Oxford Grove, and they wanted to tel me that there was nothing they would change about the school and that everyone felt valued, that there is a great tolerance for everyone no matter the colour of their skin, where they are from or their religion and stated ‘Different Cultures- Same Needs’ a creed that everyone involved in the school believes in from pupils and staff through to Governors, and demonstrates clearly the schools inclusive ethos and one that they should be proud of.

    • I was impressed by the confident and happy pupils and their strong voice, through a variety of councils and ambassadorial roles which the school in being the best it can be.

    • This is a school that is clearly at the heart of its community where inclusion is ingrained in the very fabric of the school. It is an impressive, inclusion learning environment where pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential, where everyone involved is committed to the inclusion of all pupils whatever it takes.

    • Staff, pupils, parents and governors commented about how they were part of, ‘The Oxford Grove Family’.

    • I was impressed by the welcome nature of the school and the absolute dedication of staff to ensure that the needs of the pupils are met. Oxford Grove Primary School is a vibrant, exciting place to come and learn, it is a learning community with a happy family oriented environment.

    • The school has inclusion ingrained in its very fabric, as can be seen from its motto.

    • The school is extremely well resourced with high quality teaching and learning materials so that pupils can access the resources they need for their learning. The investment in the high-quality environment that is evident as you approach the school building and throughout the interior and the eye for detail is exceptional and extremely impressive.

    • Oxford Grove is an extremely friendly and welcoming learning community within a modern and bright environment built in 2010 and extended in 2012 to provide twenty first century teaching and learning opportunities, with welcoming classrooms and wide corridors that are very well maintained, with high quality displays on the walls, in corridors and classrooms, that include large pictures of pupils involved in activities, displaying pupils work, their achievements, celebrations and the aims and ethos of the school to engage pupils and enhance their learning and social skills.

    • The school has worked exceptionally hard to ensure that provision is specifically tailored to meet the needs of INA pupils so that they start to make at least good or better progress from the moment they join school.

    • It is evident as soon as you walk through the door that Oxford Grove works exceptionally hard to ensure that it is a centre of excellence for all pupils.

    • Inclusion is central to the school’s vision and purpose and this sets the framework in which all work takes place in this warm and welcoming school.

    • Individuals are valued at this school and the very happy, caring atmosphere is immediately evident.

    • Excellent transition practices are in place for pupils entering the school, for pupils transferring from year to year and for those transferring to secondary school.

    • The school’s learning environment is very well thought out with excellent learning spaces and is continually being enhanced. Display is exceptional and clearly demonstrates the school’s inclusive ethos.