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Investors in Pupils

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    Achieved – May 2017


    Oxford Grove has held the Investors in Pupils award since 2014.

    At Oxford Grove Primary School, we care about our pupils. This quality award recognises the achievement of the whole school. It values all pupils and helps them to improve the understanding of their role in their learning journey. Some of the things required of an Investors in Pupils school is for each classroom to have:

    • A personal target that shows that we are all learners together. The target will help the children in one of five areas: Attendance, Behaviour, Classroom management (keeping tidy, organisation, understanding cost), Learning and Induction.
    • A class promise that is decided upon by all the class to help the class to work as a team and to know how they contribute to make the class a happy, caring environment in which to learn
    • A welcome book developed by the children to welcome new people into their class


    We are also working within the whole school on increasing children’s understanding of the following areas:

    • Having an understanding of the need to come to school and how learning links with their future aspirations.
    • Knowing the roles and responsibilities of people who help them to learn.
    • Having an understanding of what our School Governing Board do.
    • Knowing about where the money comes from to run the school and what needs to be paid for out of this money.
    • Knowing that all pupils at Oxford Grove are valued and included in decision making through School Council. 
    • “The pupils have a very positive attitude towards learning and are very proud of their school. The school has an outstanding philosophy with a well-developed vision and ethos, which are fully embedded in the daily life of the pupils.”

    • “The standard of behaviour is extremely high and supported by a focus on high levels of positive reinforcement. It is a major strength of the school. The pupils have outstanding attitudes towards learning, they are confident, extremely polite and demonstrate respect for each other and adults alike.”

    • “Positive relationships between pupils and staff can be observed which in turn provides for a relaxed but hard working atmosphere. There is a true sense of community within the school with children at its centre.”

    • “Strong leadership and management of the school is key to its success, the foresight of the leadership team and Governors combined with their wholehearted enthusiasm create unique opportunities for the pupils within the school.”

    • “The staff, parents, Governors and pupils are extremely proud of their school and so they should be. The pupils are hard working, extremely polite and a credit to their community.”

    Read our fantastic report from our most recent reassessment: