ICT Mark – Oxford Grove Primary School

ICT Mark


    Achieved – March 2017


    Oxford Grove has held the ICT Mark award since 2017.

    The ICT Mark is the award for schools which are committed to using technology to support teaching and learning, and to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency. Technology has many widespread benefits across school life, and can contribute effectively many aspects of learning.

    Oxford Grove dedicates a full lesson every week to skills from the Computing curriculum. Children are then given many opportunities throughout the rest of their learning to apply what they learn.

    Our online safety provision ensures that children are kept up to date on a regular basis throughout the school year. Our Digital Leaders lead an additional online safety education programme, which runs alongside teaching and allows pupils to lead sessions and provide peer-to-peer support.

    In recognition of all of our hard work in embedding Computing skills, we have been awarded the ICT Mark.


    • The school puts a very high emphasis on engaging the pupils and parents to promote learning. The way that pupils are encouraged to take leadership roles is outstanding and developed to a far greater extent than I have seen in any other school.

    • The school’s use of blogging is also outstanding. In addition to this being a powerful stimulus to improve their writing capabilities, it also makes writing (and reading) purposeful activities that are an intimate part of communication and collaboration online, helping pupils see high skills in reading and writing as hugely relevant to the digital world they are living in.

    • The school has established very strong teamwork among the staff, making the taking of responsibilities beyond their immediate role a normal part of their lives, that is expected and celebrated by the whole staff.

    • The teachers are taking the opportunities technology offers to make children’s progress much more visible to themselves and their parents, which extends to approaches that have much more impact than traditional written work, such as getting pupils to explain their understanding onto video and to make green-screen presentations for other pupils.

    • The school is already at a stage of development of an education fit for the connected world that is comparable to at least some of the schools that have already gained the Third Millennium Learning Award