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  • Welcome to Oxford Grove Primary School!

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Latest Documents

The Prevent Duty.pdf
SEND Policy 2015-16.pdf
Behaviour Policy 2015-16.pdf
Charging and Remission Policy 2015-2016.pdf
English Policy 2015-16.pdf

Upcoming Events

02/12/2015 15:30Open Evening for Reception 2016 parents
03/12/2015 09:00Reception Class Assembly
09/12/2015 10:30Foundation Stage Christmas Show
09/12/2015 13:30Foundation Stage Christmas Show


Welcome to Oxford Grove Primary School!


Pride in Our School - Pride in Ourselves - Pride in Each Other


Our Mission Statement

IMG_1626.JPGAt Oxford Grove we constantly strive to provide a rich, challenging and stimulating learning experience for all our children. We aim to give them ambition to pursue their dreams, secure high levels of personal and collective pride and help them understand the purpose of learning.
We recognise and celebrate genuine success and high levels of effort and achievement across a variety of activities.
IMG_1920.JPGWe consistently aim to invest in one another's personal and academic growth and development within a caring and nurturing environment where our core values of mutual respect, responsibility, loyalty and honesty are central to all that we do.​

​​​​​Our School Aims:


​To create for all our children an inclusive, happy, safe, nurturing, supportive learning environment


To expect and secure a high standard of pupil behaviour based on the fundamental moral values of respect, responsibility, honesty and loyalty


To provide for all our children an imaginative, broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which has basic English and Maths skills and Computing at its core


To encourage and develop our pupils' individuality and skills in independent, co-operative and collaborative learning through carefully considered research topics which enthuse, inspire and stimulate our children's imagination and thinking


To foster within our school community British values and attitudes of tolerance, mutual appreciation, respect and understanding


To learn about the beliefs and values of different religions and cultures in order to foster understanding and respect for them all


To create a genuine 'education partnership' in which all stakeholders have roles and responsibilities and play a vital part in the success of the school and its pupils


To inspire a love of both individual and shared learning, achievement and success


To ensure our children develop the skills of personal commitment, independent working, self-reliance and self-motivation in order to develop high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem


To provide a range of teaching methodologies which match learning styles and ensure children are rigorously taught basic skills and are able to embed and apply them within a variety of creative teaching and learning opportunities


To enable each child to recognise, pursue and develop their own special gifts and talents


To help our children learn about what makes ourselves, our friends and our school special and unique


To help our children see the world as 'wonderful' and 'awesome' 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​

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